Focus on Personalized Services:
We, at MK, strive to provide personalized services to all our clients, through our team of top-notch professionals possessing a vast amount of experience and expertise.  Our team of talented professionals is ably guided in their endeavor by our partners, each of whom, are specializing in diversified areas of practice.  This approach ensures that not only all critical issues are discussed at the top-most level with inputs from the partner specializing in the particular area but also each and every minute detail is taken care of before providing a totally integrated solution to clients. This means that clients are able to tap the vast pool of in-house talent of the firm whilst continuing to interact with the lead partner. This comfort of dealing with one partner has been highly appreciated by our clients and helps in rendering personalized service, in establishing an in-depth knowledge of the overall functioning of the client and in building trust and confidence.

Focus on Specialization:
MK firmly believes that cost-effective solutions can be delivered to its clients in a time-bound manner, by focussing on specified areas of practice.  For this reason, our partners and our talent pool of professionals have been encouraged to focus on specified areas of practice and to undertake research work in their respective areas of specialization.  We believe that through this approach, we would be able to enhance the quality of services provided to our clients and would also be able to deliver cost-effective solutions to our clients in a timely manner. 

Wide Spectrum of Services under One Roof:

MK, through its team of talented professionals specializing in specified practice areas of practice, has the requisite experience and the expertise required for providing the entire gamut of accounting, auditing, taxation and consultancy services under one roof. Besides, the firm also has a tie-up/association with law firms and other professionals, with whom, it interacts regularly.  Thus, apart from sound financial advice, the client also gets the benefit of sound legal and other professional advice, all under one roof.
Established Quality Assurance Process:
We have established quality assurance policies and procedures for all our audits.  This quality assurance policies and procedures have been framed keep in mind the best practices prevalent in the industry.  We believe that this standard quality assurance policies and procedures bring about a systematic and disciplined approach to our audits.
Diversified Client Base:

Our client base comprises of several of India’s leading organizations in diverse fields ranging from manufacturing, trading business, high growth sectors such as information technology, business process outsourcing, media and entertainment, banking and financial services, airlines and hotel industry.  As a result of our diversified client base, we have successfully developed a strong competitive presence in varied focus sectors.
Focus on Building Long Term Customer Relationships:

MK’s focus has been to build strong customer relationships through its personal touch and its consistency and quality of services.


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