Systems Solutions
Systems Implementation
With information systems now playing such a pivotal role in providing crucial management information, it is imperative for organisations to choose the most appropriate financial, HR and accounting solutions. At MK we don’t believe in just implementing the latest fad! Instead we believe in choosing and developing a system to suit your company’s size, needs and budget. MK has experience in assisting companies throughout the entire System Development Life- Cycle - from working with clients to understand what is required, through choosing and implementing the most appropriate package, and finally training staff on how to maxmise the system’s performance. We offer a wide range of software packages to suit all needs and budgets, and provide unbiased expertise to help manage your change project from start to finish.
Information Management
As India embraces the information age, corporations, both local and international, are seeking to drive efficiencies through streamlining information flows and eliminating redundant internal processes. By adopting these changes and reevaluating current operations, oragnisations are able to enhance cost competitiveness and further develop market share. MK has experience in assisting clients to implement organisation-wide process excellence standards and maximising efficient use of information and personnel. Whether this involves a complete review of an organisation’s Supply Chain, Just-in-Time (JIT) manufacturing procedures or re-aligning company structure by process lines, we have the expertise to help you re-engineer your current operating procedures.
Process Re-engineering
Getting the right information to the right people at the right time is key to making the right decisions in India. With the rapidly changing Indian business environment and a burgeoning number of companies entering the market, information is critical to driving strategic change and operational decisions. With a more thorough understanding of key business drivers and levers, companies have greater control of the factors shaping their bottom line and overall business growth. Whether that be better understanding the demographics of your customer market or inventory maintenance, MK can help ensure that your business decision makers are fully informed at all times, and provide expert advice on reporting and information channeling.
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