Financial Accounting
Chief Financial Officer
As companies focus on developing core operations and business strategy in India, many of their internal departments, including finance are too small to generate critical mass or efficiencies. At the same time, many companies still require an experienced, senior professional to assist in developing strategy and liaise with the management team on the financial health of the company. MK CFO services offer proven experience in this area and provide companies the flexibility of drawing upon this expertise as and when they require. Our personnel act in CFO positions across many industries and can assist in providing growth strategies and direction for your Indian operations.
Book Keeping
With Inida’s rapidly evolving accounting system, it is difficult for many firms to stay abreast of new legislation and accounting standards. At MK we have dedicated staff, adept in providing outsource financial accounting and book-keeping services to both local and multi-national clients. Whilst many firms simply believe that account keeping is required to comply with Indian laws and regulations, at MK we seek to add real value to your business through working closely with you to provide quality management accounting information.
Accounting and Financial Advice
Drawing upon MK international expertise and proven Indian experience, our staff are able to provide expert knowledge on a vast range of accounting and financial issues. Our experts are well-versed in international and country GAAP, as well as India GAAP. We are able to offer you the assurance that HQ's need in running India operations and a contact for local operations to seek advice. With years of experience on the ground here, we understand the complexities of the Indian financial system, thus providing you a bouncing board for ideas, as well as a shoulder to lean on when things do not go according to plan.
Office Administration
At MK we have been privy to the operations of many successful organisations both in India and around the world. We understand what works, and what helps some companies excel where others have failed. We have strong experience in developing internal policies and procedures that promote a sense of employee ownership and commitment. Be it developing Key Performance Indicators or designing remuneration packages, MK can help your company succeed in retaining your most important asset - your people.
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