Management Accounting
Budgeting and Forecasting
Foresight and control is integral to any business success, not least of all in India. Accurate financial modeling is crucial in guiding a company through its financial milestones, anticipating new developments and providing growth and direction in the often cloudy market that is India. MK works closely with you to prepare comprehensive budgeting models to clearly set and attain financial goals. We are able to take a top-down approach to streamlining budgeting processes, ensuring your budget is both structured and balanced.
Cash Flow Management
MK proven cash-flow management systems and processes can help your company gain better control of your finances. From assisting with cash flow planning of capital movement projects to day-to-day cash-flow management, MK assists our clients in gaining greater profitability and flexibility in their operations. We can also take the worry out of account receivables, payables and payroll through providing outsource facilities. And for those organisations who already face seemingly ‘uncollectible collectibles’ we are also able to offer debt recovery services through our affiliated legal team.
Market Growth Strategy
India is a rapidly changing market place. As a result, companies must be careful to adopt the best strategy to drive growth. This must include setting high-level direction and then defining and filtering measurable milestones throughout the entire organisation. MK has years of success helping firms set effective strategies for the Indian market. With our ability to provide both industry foresight and a close ear to changing regulations, MK is well positioned to help your Indian operation move in the right direction at the right time.
Learning Centre
Through flexible workshops and seminars, MK offers comprehensive financial and business management training. In working with your staff we are able to better understand your individual business and provide insights into how best to control and expand your financial procedures. We have developed a wide range of training courses catering to diverse needs and covering many fields. Whether it involves a simple introduction of finance to non-financial managers, or a technical explanation of the latest Indian accounting standards, our experts can provide you with the knowledge your staff need.
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