Business Management
Business Due Diligence
MK offers clients the assurance of complete “Business” due diligence, for both potential acquisition targets and also existing operations. We understand that a company’s true business position is not simply represented by historical financial statements. Instead, we view companies in their entirety, including future financial projections, comprehensive SWOT analysis and non-financial factors such as corporate culture, management ability and internal processes. Through our affiliated law firm, we are also able to provide comprehensive legal due diligence and, thereby, provide an end-to-end corporate evaluation.
M & A and Divestitures
Whether your company is looking at acquisition targets, forming joint venture alliances or looking to ‘spin-off’ non core-business operations, MK has the expertise to guide your project from conception to execution. Through in-depth financial and non-financial analysis, MK is able to work with clients to identify and then assess acquisition and merger targets for business fit, synergy optimisation and business development opportunities. We are also able to work closely with accredited valuers to determine company valuations, SWOT analysis and to assist clients in successfully securing deals.
Market Entry and Development Strategy
MK has assisted many companies, across a wide range of industries, in developing and successfully executing their entry into the Indian market. With a close eye on regulatory developments and industry analysis, we are able to provide the foresight of market direction and opportunities to assess and advise your business on its entry strategy.
Similarly, as the Indian market further develops and your company’s operations expand, MK is able to offer strategic advice on how to best take advantage of the changing business environment and market conditions. From new feasibility studies to organic growth strategies, we can help your company extend its market share and increase profitability.
M & A Integration
By conducting thorough organisation-wide business evaluation and integration reviews, MK is able to gain a full understanding of what is required to bring entities together and achieve optimal synergies. From identifying potential cost savings and process integration opportunities, to formulating a corporate culture where staff are encouraged to embrace change, we provide a top-down assessment of key touch points. Whilst many mergers and acquisitions are dragged on by in-fighting and selfinterested parties, MK can offer unbiased advice on how best to drive through corporate change and complete the integration process.
Valuation of Shares, Securities, Goodwill & Business
MK has conducted many assignments of valuation of Business, Goodwill, and Shares etc. and is Government Registered Valuers. MK provides the above services to various Financial Institution and Corporate in India.
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